Special Events

"The Journey of life is not meant to be planned; it is meant to be travelled and enjoyed"

Whether it's a simple festival or a memorable incentive tour, Trackers Jeep Safari likes to keep things interesting for our all our guests.

We are well aware that special events are a great way to build excitement and extraordinary adventures hence our expertise and client-focused approach delivers memorable special events.

Mystery Tour

Our Mystery Tours are becoming very popular amongst our holiday makers, travelling to different secret destinations across the Island.

Mystery Tours are good value, because for the flat rate we offer you can end up on any one of our exiting tours on any given day.

This could be a jeep safari to Troodos or a mini bus to Aphrodite’s trail.

Not knowing exactly where you will end up adds to the excitement of the day.

Where will our new Adventure take you? – Down South? Way out West?

Could it be in the Mountains, in a city Centre, a little village in the country or by the sea?

Alongside our existing mystery travelers, we look forward to welcoming anyone wanting to try these out for the first time. Explore the Island in a unique and exciting way.

Please note: Never take a bet with your driver about your destination.... he will always win!

Mystery Tours run daily and will cost €45 per person.

Serenade By The Sea

Tour designed for couples in love and romance seekers.

Accompanied with the best aphrodisiac fish meze and crisp white wine to fulfil your desires…

Cyprus Night

Enjoy a typical Cyprus night dining sampling mouthwatering authentic Cypriot delicacies, and local wine in a charismatic Cypriot Restaurant while enjoying traditional Cypriot music and dancing which you will be delighted in join in.

Photography Tour

This is a four hour tour in your choice of our selected cars.

The tour takes place around Ayia Napa and Cavo Greco in some of the most beautiful places of the Island.

Ayia Thekla, Ayia Napa Marina, International Sculpture park, the Love bridge, sea caves, the Love tree, natural bridges and the little chapel of Ayioi Anargiroi.

The package includes the photographer and all photos taken on the day will be forwarded to you electronically.

Casino Night

Tour designed for Adults 18+ for a night of glamour and style.

Experience the thrill of CASINO gaming and let us do the driving.

Our tour includes round-trip transportation on our Trackers Excursions Mini Buses.

Duration: 7pm - 12am

Cost: €40 per person ( minimum four people)

Strawberry Festival

The Strawberry Festival is organised every two years by Deryneia Municipality, in cooperation with the Cyprus Strawberry Farmers.

Thousands of visitors, locals and foreigners alike, attend the festival every year, where they are offered free fresh strawberries, strawberry juice, jam, liquor, candy, ice cream, etc.

Products are produced with much love and passion by the farmers & their spouses.

Several groups operate kiosks at the festival offering various dishes and drinks and guests are able to enjoy a rich cultural program.

Duration: 6pm - 9:30pm

Cost: €10 per person ( pick up and drop off back to your hotel)

Wine Festival

The Wine Festival of Cyprus is an annual festival in Limassol that celebrates wine and winemaking.

In September of each year, Limassol becomes the attraction of thousands of locals and tourists who visit the Municipal Garden to enjoy the Wine Festival with the motto 'Drink wine, it gives you life!' (Πίνε κρασί, νάσιεις ζωή).

They become the characters of the festival banishing from their minds all concerns and worries, free from social conventions or protocols, in an atmosphere of unconditional socializing, generated by the effects of free wine provided by local wineries.